Our Story

More Fashionable.
More Convenient.
More Expeditious.


LINKORI is the combination of English 'LINK' and 'KORI' which means chain in Korean. So the brand itself suggest connection between English and Korean.
Like the meaning of the brand name, we are linking you and your life through our premium products from LINKORI.

It is our vision to be the path that give the holy love through a helping hand for the people who need aid and connect with the world that deliver the true love.

LINKORI is a premium brand that manufacture phone accessories for you and deliver the premium home decorations in your life from our cooperated top factories around the world. We develop the phone accessories with our competent and professional design team based on our ceo’s patents and product planning for the best effort. All of our products are designer made and tested for quality. The point to note is that you have the chance now to take high quality premium goods for the best price.

@LINKORI believe life also is fashion and the quality is the first.

CEO Soyoung Min