Ruviq orange flannel Nordic lounge chair with handrails
Stylish Ruviq leisure chair in bright yellow
Ruviq accent chair with European and American design in green
Customizable Ruviq chair in tranquil blue
Modern white Nordic design Ruviq accent chair

Ruviq Accent Chair - White

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Ruviq Accent Chair: Premium Nordic Lounge Style | Customizable Colors

Introducing our premium range of Ruviq Accent Chairs, tailored for aficionados of elegance and comfort. This chair, a perfect addition to any living room, showcases the sophisticated designs of Europe and America in a Nordic lounge style, complete with elegant handrails for extra support.

With its plush flannel finish, this chair offers a lively color range – from the cozy shades of orange and yellow to the calm vibes of green, white, and blue. And if you're keen on a specific color, customization is straightforward. Sized at 33.46" x 28.35" x 27.56" (85 x 72 x 70 cm), it promises ample seating space without sacrificing design. Its soft fabric upholstery adds a touch of luxury, making this chair more than just a piece of furniture, but a defining statement for your space.

Features & Benefits

  • Handrails Included: Relax with the added support of sleek handrails.
  • Elegant Design: An amalgamation of European and American styles, enhanced by the Nordic essence.
  • Color Customization: Personalize it with a range of colors or opt for a unique shade.
  • Premium Flannel: Experience the plushness and durability of top-grade material.
  • Optimal Size: 33.46" x 28.35" x 27.56" (85 x 72 x 70 cm)

Easy Care Tips for Your Fabric Chair

  • Quick Fix for Spills: If something spills, just dab it off with a clean towel.
  • Simple Clean-Up: For small marks, a damp cloth or sponge does the trick. Let it air dry naturally.
  • For Those Tough Spots: Every now and then, a pro touch might be needed for stubborn stains.
  • A Little Fluff & Tidy: Occasionally give your cushions a little fluff and a quick vacuum in the nooks.
  • A Spot Away from the Sun: Place your chair where the direct sunlight won't hit to keep its vibrant color.



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نظرًا لأننا نصنع فنًا جديدًا من أجلك فقط ، فقد يستغرق الشحن ما يصل إلى 7 أيام أكثر
من تواريخ الشحن الأصلية. تحتاج بعض سلع الإضاءة إلى 3-5 أسابيع للشحن و
يشار إليها بشكل منفصل في تفاصيل المنتج.


لدينا سياسة إرجاع لمدة 14 يومًا .
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