Letter-Engraved Cutlery

LINKORI's ABCutlery Lettering Service + Gift Box

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Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for yourself or your loved ones? Look no further than LINKORI's ABCutlery service, which allows you to personalize your very own cutlery set.
With our service, you can engrave a maximum number of 17 characters and numbers onto your knife, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that's perfect for special occasions or everyday use.

ex) I Can Do It!!! / From 23.3.14 L&K ♡/Thriving: My Vision/ 
You are doing well!/ Economic Freedom!/
 على رأسي/ انت قلبي/ أفكر فيك كل يوم

To get started, simply place your order and send your name with order number and personalization details to either "contact us" or support@linkori.com.
Please note that personalized orders will take up to 5 additional days to process.


Note: Please refer to the photo to see how your requested personalized letters (maximum of 17 characters and/or numbers) will be engraved on the side of the knife. By default, without any special request, the LINKORI logo will be engraved on the back side of the forks and spoon, as shown in the photo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. At LINKORI, we are committed to providing the best experience for our valued members.