The "Light With Music" beautifully illuminating a room with its cherry wood shade.
A close-up of the wireless charging pad on the device with a phone charging.
The lamp&
A person switching the lamp to &
Side view of the sleek, multi-functional lamp, showcasing its integrated features.
Light With Music
Light With Music
Light With Music
Light With Music
Light With Music

Light With Music

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Experience a symphony of functionality and aesthetic appeal with the "Light With Music". Merging the richness of cherry wood with state-of-the-art technology, this device embodies the essence of modern living. Whether it's illuminating your room with its calming dim light, playing your favorite tunes, or charging your device wirelessly, it has all the features to become the centerpiece of any space.


  • Bluetooth Speaker 
  • Qi Wireless Phone Charger
  • Led lamp 
  • Good night +mood mode 

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative 3-in-1 Design: Seamlessly integrates a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and a desk lamp, reducing clutter and maximizing utility.
  • Authentic Cherry Wood Shade: Casts a natural, comforting dim light across your room, enhancing the ambiance and making it perfect for any setting.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Connect your devices effortlessly and enjoy clear audio, turning any room into a haven of relaxation or a space for lively tunes.
  • Qi Wireless Charger: Conveniently charge your Qi-compatible devices without the mess of tangled wires. Simply place your device on the base and let the technology do its work.
  • LED Lamp with Modes: Features energy-efficient LED lighting with special 'Good Night' and 'Mood' modes to tailor your lighting experience according to the time and mood.
Currently, this is not our brand-made product. However, it will soon be designed and manufactured from us, based on our own patents. Please wait patiently, and be surprised when the product is released.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Mario Goldner
    Very good quality

    Very good quality works very well

    Eleonore Weissnat
    LIght with music

    Amazing thing! Sound quality is fantastic and a beautiful product Exceptional design & sound quality. Impressive

    Heather Hickle
    Very nice item

    I'm really satisfied and can recommend the product!!

    Seth Auer
    Absolutely amazing!

    Absolutely amazing!

    Alison Kuhn
    Beautiful and very fast shipping

    Beautiful and very fast shipping